Risk Measurement

The Blue Cap Foundation has determined that pressure measurements are necessary to ensure the safety of swimmers. Even in pools with water circulation installations that meet the European standards, the risk of entrapment by suction can occur. National swimming pool laws state that the safety of a swimmer may not be endangered by the suction on a drain cover underneath the water surface.  However, this risk is not visible and cannot be assessed by touch. It can be life-threatening when a bodypart or limb becomes trapped by suction, or when long hair gets entangled behind the drain cover.

Availability of measurement equipment

The Blue Cap Foundation has developed equipment with which anyone can identify the risk of suction entrapment on a suction opening underneath the water surface of a pool and, if necessary, take action. The Blue Cap Foundation has made this equipement available to the pool industry from August 2014. By making a donation to The Blue Cap Foundation, you can either rent the measurement equipment or obtain it permanently. These donations are used to compensate our costs associated with the production and assembly of the equipment and will be partly used for further scientific research on entrapment risks in swimming pools in the Netherlands and the pools at popular holiday destinations abroad.

1. Rental of measurement equipment

For a donation of 250 euros you can rent the measurement equipment for three days. This includes technical support and consists of an instruction booklet, a tutorial and a technical helpdesk. In addition, transportation costs will be charged based on actual costs.

2. Obtain equipment permanently

It is also possible to obtain the measurement equipment permanently for only the costs associated with the
production and assembly of the equipment, for a donation of 2.500 euros to The Blue Cap Foundation.
The delivery time is six weeks. The technical support consists of a day on-site training for the technical staff.

3. Risk Assessment Entrapment on Drain Covers (RIBR)

It is also possible to have your swimming pool assessed for entrapment risks by our engineer.
Such an risk assessment consists of:

  • Measurement of suction entrapment and entanglement of long hair on drain covers and suction intakes
    underneath the water surface.
  • A risk assessment report.
  • If a risk was identified, and a safety measure (or technical solution) has been implemented, an additional
    safety assessment is done, free of charge, to confirm that the risk has been minimized effectively.

Price on request. Interested? Send an email to: joost@thebluecap.com.

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