The Foundation wants to make pools throughout Europe safer by preventing accidents caused by suction entrapment, both by preventing parts of the body getting stuck to the protective grilles and by preventing hair getting tangled behind grilles. The non- profit making Blue Cap Foundation represents a pragmatic approach with swift results.

The goals of The Blue Cap Foundation

  • To promote safety in swimming pools.
  • To support victims and their families.

 The Blue Cap Foundation aims to achieve these goals by:

  • Influencing laws and regulations in the Netherlands and Europe.
  • Promoting an effective way of monitoring legislation and regulations, by giving the supervisory authorities the power, knowledge and resources to measure the suction forces.
  • Finding technical solutions and sharing this knowledge to prevent suction entrapment. 
  • Sharing knowledge about the causes and risks of high suction forces with pool builders, operators, regulators and consumer organizations.
  • Supporting tour operators and travel agencies to make their pools safer.
  • Informing the general public about the risks of suction entrapment.
  • Using public co-operation to report unsafe situations.

The Blue Cap Foundation works with:

  • Scientific and research institutes such as the Dutch Safety Board and University of Twente.
  • Legislative and regulatory authorities in the Netherlands and Europe .
  • The European and Dutch Committee for Standardization.
  • Designers, manufacturers and builders of pools.
  • Representatives of the pool industry.
  • Suppliers to the pool industry.
  • Pool operators such as holiday parks, hotels and municipalities.
  • Travel agencies and tour operators.
  • Consumer organisations.

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