The Blue Cap Foundation Board

Our Board of volunteers includes:

Chris Geurts van Kessel (Chairman)

Chris was the Director of Corporate Procurement & Contracting of Dutch Gasunie NV in Groningen. In this role he was closely involved in security issues and he is very familiar with safety rules and conditions.

Riet Jonker (Member)

Riet is one of the grandmothers of Willem. She continues the work for the Blue Cap Foundation together with her family after the death of Jan Jonker, her husband and the founder of the Blue Cap Foundation. Together with Jan she has a wide intercontinental business and social network.

Tom Hoogenboom (Treasurer)

Tom is a small business accountant and has held posts for many years as a director for national and international non profit organizations.

Arie L. Breure (member)

Arie has spent his working life in the agricultural business sector with the last 10 years being involved in microfinance projects for the Third World. His focus areas within the Blue Cap Foundation are Insurance and Sponsorship.


The Board of the Blue Cap Foundation is supported and assisted by external consultants including:

Antoinette Collignon (Legal Advise)

Antoinette is a legal specialist in the field of liability and damages law currently working at Legaltree. Since 2009 she has been President of the European Association PEOPIL, in which lawyers with a specialization in the field of personal injury are united.

Joost Avezaat (Technical Advisor)

After graduating at the University of Twente Joost continues his work and research at the Blue Cap Foundation. Joost maintains (international) contacts to share and increase our knowledge about the measurement of entrapment risks and safe pool construction.

Gonda Duivenvoorden (Ambassador and Project Manager)

The board of The Blue Cap Foundation and Willem's family are honored that Gonda Duivenvoorden is our ambassador. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, creativity and tremendous commitment provides an extra dimension to the PR of our Foundation and the focus on safety in swimming pools. Gonda Duivenvoorden is director of Brainwork Communicatie and in 2008 she was elected Communications Woman of the Year. Together with her team of professionals she enhances the position and reputation of the Foundation.


The founder of the Blue Cap Foundation:

Jan Jonker (Deceased) - deceased on the 5th of May 2014

Young Willem was Jan’s grandson and since Willem’s death Jan has devoted himself wholeheartedly to preventing similar accidents in the future. Jan was known for his tenacity and perseverance and had a wide technical and business knowledge. The family continues his life's work.

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