The Blue Cap Quick Release

The Blue Cap Foundation has developed an easy but extremely effective quick release mechanism. Behind the protective grill a small air pipe is fitted which allows air to enter the system. In this way the vacuum is weakened almost instantaneously and the swimmer can be released.
We have developed a video to demonstrate how this works and would be grateful for any contributions to assist with the costs of making and distributing this video.

Testing and demonstration facility

Our goal is to deepen our knowledge and prevent entrapment caused by suction.  We have gathered considerable technical knowledge and now aim to give our research scientific verification in co-operation with the University of Twente. To this purpose, the Foundation has built a testing and demonstration facility in The Netherlands.  From our video you will see in practice how the Blue Cap ‘Quick Release’ works. We are pleased to offer more information or if you would like an appointment to visit the facility please contact us.


The Blue Cap Quick release models

There are several possible models of The Blue Cap Quick Release.


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